Sonu's Spuntini Waffers & Farsan

Delicious Snacks, Fit for your Health


Spuntini Waffers and Farsan venture started by Haresh Babbu Parwani in year 2009.  Spuntini might be an unusual name for Farsan Manufacturer from suburbs of Mumbai. Spuntini name means snacks in Italian Language. Thats the inspiration behind the Waffers and Farsan business. This business didn't come in inheritance to Haresh, He learned the art of Quality Faarsan making over the years and fine tuned his business skills to deliver the best quality.  


Haresh tried out many retail ventures prior to making successful Spuntini Waffers and Farsan. He used to work for a confectionary factory where he grew from low rank employee to the post of a manager. Thats when it hit him that his father always wanted to have a farsan business and shop. Haresh's father Shri Roop chand Parwani used to run a ice-cream parlour which didn't go well with his health. It was actually Haresh's fathers dream to open a good quality farsan shop in the locality. 


Haresh left the confectionary business in 2009 and with the help of only one worker started the farsan manufacturing business. His mission was to provide good quality affordable farsan to local market. He had few clients, but even after 5 months he couldn't cross the breakeven  and made losses most of the times. He was at the verge of closing the business when one of his cousins recommended him to hold on for few more months and increase the scale for achieving the breakeven. It really helped him and after a year Haresh started making profits without compromising on quality and affordability factors.


Today Spuntini Waffers and Farsan manufactures the quantity farsan in a day what was manufactured in entire month.  There is continuous improvement being implemented in manufacturing unit. Good quality Samrat Besan and gold standard Dal is procured for Farsan Manufacturing. Best quality spices are added with accurate measurements to make the farsan consistent and tasty.  No preservatives are added to any of the products. Only natural and safe ingredients are used. Spuntini Waffers and Farsan has FSSI Food License and adheres to Food Quality standards. Manufacturing facility has proper Food and Fire License. 


Government authorised Packaging Material  is used which ensures the material shelf life of month to  45 days. Once the packaging is opened it should be immediately consumed or must be  transferred to air tight container so that it lasts about 2 to 3 days.


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